About Us

Our mission is to make it easier to run the farm.

EGISTIC farm management system is based on the implementation of an integrated solution for monitoring and managing crop areas using remote sensing technology, high-precision satellite navigation, geoinformation systems and machine learning technologies.

The story of “EGISTIC” begins in 2018, when Zhandos Kerimkulov (CEO and Co-founder) saw technology of how to make the farm management system easier for the farmers in Kazakhstan by using the Open source satellite imageries.

There are several software services that are available on the Kazakhstan market which are foreign, expensive and difficult to use. That is why only holdings were able to afford to use such services. Over one year the Egistic team were building simple software that would help farmers to run simple operations to start to use satellite imageries.

Now, in two years of testing and development the service of EGISTIC was extended and we can say that the system has full list of services to run the farm.

We have over 650 users and we are proud that our farmers have access to the data of satellite imageries and weather data from 2016 in one click.