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Register by using your e-mail. Find your field by cadastrial number or upload your geometry file of the field. Get free trial period of 14 days.

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Annual subscription 30 tenge per hectar. Receive the proceeded sattellite imageries every 3 -5 days by Vegetation, Water, Nitrogen and Chlorophyl indices.

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Analyse by using the received data, make effective decision and scouting activities.

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Why Choose Us?


  • Problem zone prediction service;
  • weed and crop classification service;
  • weather forecast;
  • scouting;
  • offline maps


Get the development dynamics start form 2016 to analyze the crop and weather conditions to make the harvest forecast.

Be one step ahead

Identify plant desease ontime and take the action.


Pay and Get the agrochemical analysis here from the main chemical companies

Frequently Asks Questions

If you stiil have a question, please contact us +7 702 977 49 26

1. The contours of the fields can be obtained by the cadastral number, or downloaded from a file. Farm map, field history, event plan, weather data, satellite images, crop heterogeneity, overgrowth of fields, problem areas are collected in a single place and are available in a simple interface linked to dates, inspection coordinates and responsible employees. Using our satellite imagery analysis, you can find hidden problems in minutes.

Space images in the system are updated every 3-5 days and have a resolution of 10 meters. We use them to calculate the vegetation indices (NDVI), nitrogen and chlorine content in the plant leaves and the moisture index. Usually, the indices give a relative picture of heterogeneity and have values from -1 to 1. The closer the values are to one, the better the state of the field. Also, the service automatically analyzes problem areas, debris in the field and makes it possible to generate a prescription map for the differentiated application of nitrogen fertilizers.

    The platform's services allow for remote field monitoring, prioritization and detour planning wherever needed. The mobile application allows you to carry out inspections with photos, georeferencing, record the state of crops, detect problems. Field inspections are carried out efficiently and regularly, the owners and management are confident that diseases, weeds and pests do not lead to loss of crops.

The ability to make a decision on carrying out technological operations based on a complete picture of the state of the fields in real time. Suppliers of plant protection products, seeds and fertilizers can work through the system with several farms at once to plan the season and provide technical support for products. Remote consulting on the products allows you to stand out favorably from competitors and avoid comparison by price. Thanks to access to digital customer data, specialists provide technical support more efficient then they used to do.